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AMBC is a leading E-Learning Solution provider in Illinois, providing end-to-end course customization. AMBC E-Learning Solution aims to deliver the design, sharper functionality, and flexibility to adapt to the needs of an individual (or) an organization. AMBC E-Learn is a cloud-based learning management system that streamlines the training enabling a better ELearning experience.

Customizable and Scalable E-Learning Solution

Tailored Learning Paths

AMBC E-Learn allows you to set up a clear learning path and streamlining the needs of an individual and an organization. With effective competition, companies now want to equip their employees with the latest skills sets that help them adapt to the challenging changes.

Customizable User Dashboards

AMBC E-Learn allows you to add your brand logo, colour, and font. Hence makes learners feel comfortable and establish a complete brand eLearning platform. Easily integrating your custom content helps the brand get unique recognition.

Robust Library Set-up

AMBC E-Learn is supple to add all type of media like Video, Presentations, and PFD. Build course materials from scratch (or) add prevailing course material. AMBC Elearn is a staunch digital foundation that helps in highlighting the context of learning material.

Powerful and Dynamic Report Builder

The robust 360° platform helps to track the training of every learner in real-time with dynamic reports. These reports can be downloaded anytime anywhere in a PDF (or) Excel format.

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We digitize and provide E-Learning solutions enabling employees to benefit learn online at their own pace and time.









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AMBC is a global company spanning across 6 global locations with 20 years of experience.

We are aware of your aim to be at the forefront of your sector & determined to help you achieve your destination to retain your leadership. To meet the demands of an ever-changing business landscape, we ensure to use rapidly emerging technologies while providing high-quality services.

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