Flash to HTML5 Conversion


AMBC’s E-learning Division offers customer-centric digital conversion services. Our team of experts work to understand your specific needs and support a well-managed and cost-effective migration.

Our high-end Flash to HTML5 conversion service is robust & seamless, helping companies to convert their legacy Flash file into compatible files that runs on all the major handheld devices and all the latest operating systems.

Our Services

  1. Flash Website into HTML5 Website
  2. Flash Design into HTML5 Design
  3. Flash Video into HTML5 Videos
  4. Flash-based E-Learning Content into HTML5 Format
  5. Flash animation into HTML5 & CSS Format

Our Process

File Audit

Our team of experts will analyze the existing system and define the files that can be Rebuild, Republished & Retired

Sketch Plan

Based on the audit, level of interaction and the technical complexity a strategy for Flash to HTML5 conversion will be defined

Conversion Process

Based on scalability, interpretation requirements & budget, the right tools will be utilized. The converted files will be compatible with major handheld devices and all the latest operating systems

Revise & Improve

Our team of Quality Analysts are assigned to check the quality, compatibility, and scalability of the converted files and further optimized according to the client’s suggestions

E-Learning Library Set-Up

Exclusive and Robust library structure is built, and the final output file is updated, this makes the files simpler & more scalable


After multiple quality checks and modifications, the files are moved to the client's desk

About Us

AMBC is a global company spanning across 6 global locations with 20 years of experience.

We are aware of your aim to be at the forefront of your sector & determined to help you achieve your destination to retain your leadership. To meet the demands of an ever-changing business landscape, we ensure to use rapidly emerging technologies while providing high-quality services.

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